First batch of 2.5″ CNC machined yokes for short rear ended 29ers is ready

Triton Bikes January 2015 172

We have always had this issue of unability to provide enough tire clearance for 29ers with short chainstays.
We either had to ovalize the tubes / allow less chainring clerance or we had to use a custom and quite heavy CNC machined plates.
Inspired by the 3″ yoke made by our friends at Paragon we designed from scratch our own yokes to provide clearance to 2.5″ tires, and yet provide enough clearance for drivetrain.
We have done stress and stiffness tests and the results are outstanding.
The yokes are less then 200 grams when installed on a Triton Ti frame.
Machined from thick Ti 6-4 billets.
First frames with Triton CNC yokes coming soon.

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Posted: 26.01.2015

Triton Bikes wins Best of Russia at Golden Pedal awards!


We won! :)

Posted: 19.11.2014

Triton Bikes becomes ENVE dealer in Russia


As of today Triton Bikes becomes Russian International dealer for ENVE parts.
We have used their parts for our road bikes/framesets on the OEM basis and now we can offer their products to anyone in Russia.

We love these parts and and will be happy to spread the ENVE love across our country!

Posted: 19.09.2014