• Triton Shkval standard titanium classic road frame (cable or Di2 shifting): from USD 1500 58cm frames are in stock now. 52, 54 and 56 are built upon request
  • Triton Grom standard titanium 29er MTB frame: from USD 1650
  • Custom Titanium frame pricing :

  • Triton Road / Track frame: from USD 1850
  • Triton XC 26 / 27.5 / 29er or CX: from USD 1950
  • Triton 27.5+ / 29+ frame: from USD 2300
  • Triton Fatbike frame: from USD 2400
  • Triton unicycle frame: from USD 600  Please contact our EU distributor Ridetriton.com
  • Pricing above includes: Triton Titanium custom frame made with Ti 3Al-2.5V plain gauge titanium tubing, Paragon dropouts and parts. Finished bead blasted matte or hand brushed glossy.

    We have good deals on worldwide shipping!

    We build frames compatible with Rohloff and Pinion. Belt Drive – no problem.

    Please inquire for details.

    Custom Steel frame pricing:

  • Triton Steel Road / Track frame: from USD 1300
  • Triton Steel XC 26 / 27.5 / 29er or CX: from USD 1500
  • Triton Steel 27.5+ / 29+ frame: from USD 1700
  • Pricing above includes: Triton steel custom frame made with Italian Dedacciai or Columbus double butted Cromoly tubing or UK made Reynolds tubing, Paragon dropouts and parts. Frame painted in a single colour.

  • Note: Current pricing is based on the currency rates of May 2017. Pricing is subject to currency fluctuations and is updated regularly
  • Ordering process  Please send us an email with an inquiry and we shall provide you with the price calculation. A deposit will need to be paid as a guarantee of your interest. Deposit is usually around 60% unless your frame is going to have many expensive options by Paragon Machine Works or S&S couplings. We use your deposits to purchase tubing and frame parts. Thus your deposit is non-refundable. The balance payment is due once we have provided you with the photos of the finished product and ready to ship / your frame is ready for pickup.
  • What are the payment methods? PayPal or Cash
  • How long does it take to have a Triton frame built? Once the frame geometry is discussed and the final drawing is confirmed by the customer, it usually takes around 2-3 months before the frame is shipped. The timing may be longer depending on inflow of orders and availability of tubing and other raw materials. The actual frame build time is around a week (from a drawing on the workers’ table to a finished frame). Since we are a small workshop not a mass producing giant, we cannot build many frames at a time.

    Please email us at info@tritonbikes.com for frame/bicycle inquiry

    Sorry we do not accept credit card payments. Yet.

  • Do you build frames with Paragon parts? Yes we do. Paragon Machine Works are our exclusive supplier of dropouts and other parts. We usually have in stock Paragon flanged dropouts with replaceable derailleur hanger, road bike brake bridges, and disc brake mounts. We do not hold a stock of other parts made by Paragon Machine Works but you can order your Triton frame with Paragon parts. We will order them and use for your frame. We have built frames with the slider dropouts, Rockers, PolyDrops, track dropouts, EBB’s (eccentric bottom brackets) and other parts machined by Paragon.